At the beginning of the lesson you will be explained all the components of the e-Foil, then you will have dry-erase exercises on the board, we will determine which leg you are forward with, how to transfer your weight, and most importantly how to fall best.
Here comes the fun part, namely in the water, where I will show you how to do the water launch, how not to kick the wings that are underwater and the safety systems on the remote.
First you learn to ride it lying down, after you get used to steering it little by little you start to get on your knees and when you get the balance and feel the standing on the wings, you can start to stand up on both feet and with your leading leg forward. When you complete this course, you will receive a certificate that will allow you to rent an e-Foil without an instructor at any time and ride it anywhere in the world.

For rent

With a certificate or with driving skills falling into our categories, you will be able to rent a TAKUMA E-tron e-Foil from us. The rental options are: 20 minutes in which you have to drive on our beach and a full day in which you can drive wherever you want.