You can rent the latest kites whose performance speaks for itself, like the new Ocean Rodeo Crave A-Series, Ocean Rodeo F-lite A-Series and the best kite for low weather Ocean Rodeo F-lite 3 Strats A-series, for more information click here


You can rent the latest boards whose performance speaks for itself like the new Ocean Rodeo Tumbler, Ocean Rodeo Smoothie as well as the DUOTON Jaime SLS and DUOTON Select SLS


Other equipment

We offer top of the line Helmets with Bbtalk, Trapzzi, Neoprene because a true professional does not compromise quality even on the lesser things.

The only Kite Station where you can try the new Aluula material

Because a lighter kite means a better ride.

ALUULA, an ultra-light, ultra-strong and stable composite material, not only improves performance in light winds but also enhances handling, stability and flying performance in all wind conditions. This makes the ALUULA kite more efficient than a standard kite, performing better in all respects including airspeed, turn rate and stability in light winds.

Why do you need the lightest kites on the market?

Better for riders, freestylers and surfers. With more responsiveness in all departments and in all conditions, you’ll enjoy faster intercepts, higher jumps, better drift and the confidence to drive even when conditions are marginal.

Better for bounces and flying time. With a kite that’s half the weight and has a more robust airframe, you have a confidence-inspiring boosting machine. You can also generate power on both descent and ascent… Something that was previously unheard of in kite performance.

Better wind range. Because the kite has 3 struts yet is as light as some kites without struts, the same kite will provide solid performance and stability at the upper end of the wind range as well as in extreme light winds.

Better restart. Simply pumping one rear line will cause the stiffer flex of the fuselage to bring the kite up on one end of the wing and lift it into the air. The A series kites are easier to back off in light winds.

Better for training. You will find that your level improves immediately with a Series A kite. Controlling the kite is easier during all manoeuvres, as due to its lighter weight the ALUULA kite is resistant to both flying too far forward and flapping backwards.

Better for travel. When two A-series kites weigh as much as one traditional kite, it’s a no-brainer… More kites on your trips means more time on the water.

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