Learn for a week, have fun for life

Individual and group kite lessons for beginners and advanced. No matter if you have experience in water sports or it’s your first time to encounter the wind, the water, the wings, the sails, the boards and everything else, we guarantee that in just a few hours you will be able to say “I rode on Limnos”.

Module 1

Absolute beginners

Getting to know the wind, the spot and the sea

Safety rules safety system check

Meet with the equipment

Wing control

Raising and lowering the kite

Getting to know the wind, the spot and the sea

3 hours 260€

Module 2

Basic knowledge

Module 1 +

Getting in and out of the water with a kite

Lifting the kite out of the water

Using the safety system on deep

Body drag

Self rescue

6 hours for 490€

Module 3

Full course

Module 1 + 2


Theory and practice of movement in water

Control the wing and the board together

Water start

First downwind ride

IKO Certificate of Completion Level 1

9 hours for 750€

Individual lesson

One hour class with instructor

Basic knowledge or improving technique

Specific skills and tricks

Refresh knowledge

We ride and have fun together


A lesson in which the instructor is always with the boat next to the student


The fastest and safest way to learn

Constant two-way radio contact with the best bbtalk stations

Refinement of skills

Improve the technique

We drive safely and endlessly


Secret lesson


Mastering kite secrets and tricky tricks

Testing a new outfit

Exploring new techniques

We drive to secret places

Riding in the eye of the wind