Secret kite-infected to infect!

After more than 15 years of searching and searching for the best place to kite, we think we’ve found it. Namely, the island of Limnos! We love the feeling of every day being unpredictable, different and unforgettable. The wind and waves surprise us more and more every day, always bringing us adrenaline. We believe that both good and bad moments are important and they always teach us something new. That’s why we founded our place near the village of Pannaya , namely Secret Kite Spot! We want more and more people to feel this unique feeling of kiteboarding and we are here to pass it on to you.

Our cars

You can find our instructors in our kitesurfing Charan and Toyota! They can be parked anywhere around the island, for example with Kondopouli and Kalliopi . And in the evenings you will see us at one of the many delicious restaurants!

With us, everything is included and you don’t need to pay extra to hire a wetsuit for example. At our kitesurf school, the emphasis is on quality lessons, not on giving as many lessons as possible.

We also offer gear for sale!

We have brand new kites,bars,neoprene boards and kite surfing traps available at Secret spot where we can help you with all your gear questions. Want to buy a new kitesurf kit? Or are you looking for your own neoprene or trapeze? Come to us for advice! You will get answers to all your questions that you have not yet found the answer to.

Do you have any questions about your kitesurf lesson or would you like to make adjustments to your booking?! Contact us and we will answer everything for you.

Kamen Inkyov. +359888005750

Konstantin Inkyov. +359887418884

Our partners

Each year you will receive lessons with the latest kitesurfing equipment from Ocean Rodeo. Ocean Rodeo is the most boutique and innovative brand in the kitesurfing industry.

During your lesson you will use an Ocean Rodeo Crave kiteboard. This is a freeride kite with great wind range, easy lift out of the water and great power.