We are proud of our regular team of instructors at the Kitesurf School, with new faces appearing every year. All our kitesurf instructors are qualified to teach! Meet our top instructors below….

Kamen Inkyov

Owner and Head Instructor

Koce Inkyov


Koko Nikolov

Kite Instructor and E-foil Specialist

Kiril Kirilov

Kite Instructor and Camp Organizer

every ride makes you better- “secret #1”

no side effects when overdosed- “secret #2”

the rest you’ll figure out on your own…

After working in big and famous schools around the world, giving lessons was our job, and now we give lessons for fun. We saw the client’s need for special treatment and a personal approach, which we do best. We wanted to create a school that matched the level of what we felt we could teach. Thus the idea of Secret kite was born. We focused on the quality of the lesson instead of chasing a large number of clients and compromising on the quality of the equipment and wind. This way we are sure to give our best in the safest conditions.We manage to have fun with our clients during and after the lesson.