A good kitesurfing lesson requires a good kitesurfing spot. First, from a safety perspective. Secondly, of course, a good spot helps you learn to kitesurf independently as quickly as possible. A good kitesurfing lesson venue should have enough space for you to prepare and set up your kitesurfing equipment.

An important rule is that you should be at least three times the length of your kite lines away from the obstacles on the beach. There are several kitespots in Limnos, but on ours the wind comes in first and passes through the least land on its way making it the cleanest(no gusts). The other advantage we have is that the sea in which you ride in front of the beach does not have waves to hinder your progress, also the first 100 meters are quite shallow which will allow maximum progress in the first lessons.

SECRET SPOT – Our secret place

  • XC97+43Q, Panagia 814 01, Greece
  • secretkiting@gmail.com

  • www.secretkite.surf

The place of the lessons

  • Secret spot: the perfect place for all kinds of lessons, steady wind, small chop, lots of room, and a great olive grove.
  • In most wind directions we have a good location. From northeast to southwest.
  • Do you have specific preferences, for example do you want wave lessons to learn to kite at sea? Please let us know!

The best spot for kitesurfing lessons on Limnos!

Secret spot is one of the best kitesurfing spots where you can learn to kitesurf. This is because the water at this spot is flat and shallow, without big waves and strong currents, so you can focus on your kite position and improve your kitesurfing technique. The shallow water location has the advantage that you can stand upright at all times. In the first phase of kitesurfing this gives you a feeling of security and safety. Once the confidence and feel for the kite is there, we will of course teach you to kitesurf in deep water, there we will stay with you with a boat to fully assist you in your endeavor to learn to kitesurf. If you do all the exercises correctly, you will learn it all in our 10 hour private lessons at our kitesurf school. And this is how you will eventually become an independent and self-reliant kitesurfer!

Learn to kitesurf in the sea!

At Secret kite we have plenty of space at sea , where you can learn to kitesurf. Here you will learn all the kitesurfing techniques you will need in the future when you become an independent kitesurfer. You will gain knowledge about tides, currents and other aspects of the sea. When we teach you at sea in a boat, you will be able to practise throughout the lesson and it is with the highest efficiency, because during the whole 2 hours of the lesson you will make attempts to ride the board and stand on it.

Our kitesurf school has a beautiful and safe kitesurf venue where anyone can learn to kitesurf as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about anything on Secret Spot, we’d be happy to answer them!