A lesson with aseap rodeo ALUULA kite

The pinnacle of the technological advancements and opportunities afforded by working with ALUULA Composites is our A Series range of kites, which benefit from ALUULA ‘s ultra-light and ultra-strong hull and are now lauded as the most advanced kites in the sport.

When we first revealed our work with ALUULA to our students, there were doubts about whether they were really learning faster and easier. Fortunately, as it was planned and happened, every customer tried the kite, stops thinking about any other kite and in his head is only how to ride ALUULA. Matter that exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Lighter, stronger, with higher performance levels and greater wind range than standard kites, the A Series has set a new standard in high-end kiteboarding… a standard that continues to evolve.

the importers of Ocean rodeo in Bulgaria

  • PO-LEK!
  • FAST!


FULL ALUULA Front edge

Constructed entirely of ALUULA™ composite (82 gsm), the A-Series housing is the lightest, strongest and most responsive on the market.

With six times the tensile strength of a dacron kite leading edge, the FULL ALUULA leading edge stiffens and lightens the entire kite, providing the most refined handling and performance in all conditions.

The leading edge can be inflated to a higher pressure than is possible with the dacron to provide additional stiffness to the kite.


The precision curves are made entirely of the ultra-light, ultra-strong, UV-resistant and virtually unbreakable ALUULA composite material; the A-Series Stratos offer greater rigidity and control while significantly reducing weight and thus increasing handling capabilities.

Used specifically for the shaping seams of the mounts, Quad Lock provides greater strength than standard mount seams and is another innovation tailored specifically for ALUULA glider kites.


Our highly sophisticated, compact rope with two sheaves has been perfected again! Designed for arc stability and no snagging, while providing direct drive control and a huge range of coverage. .

All A series kites use a combination of Liros DC Pro 301 and 401 lines. These new ropes are not only lighter than previous generations, but also stronger and offer less drag.


CANOPY-it reinforced with ALUULA, is specially made against flutter.


Developed specifically for the kitesurf market, the Technoforce D2 ripstop from Teijin has high tear resistance, low stretch and is extremely lightweight.

Each strand of yarn is covered individually before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material to ensure long-lasting durability.

The Teijin D2 is a benchmark of quality with proven excellence in durability and dynamics.


OCEAN RODEO have an extremely elementary inflation system which is designed for reliable inflation performance. The valves are strategically positioned so they are not visible, eliminating the need for valve covers or other anti-scrub solutions.

Other refinements include dropping the zippers on the leading edge. These zippers are only used to change the balloon of the kite and are one of the main causes of leading edge failure on kites. The balloons are repaired through the large valve opening.


Every aspect of OCEAN RODEO’s rapid inflation system has been refined over the years to be low profile, reduce drag and most of all ensure you spend less time on the beach and more time in the water.

WHY OCEAN RODEO ALUULA?Because a lighter kite means a better ride.

  • Suitable for kiters who prefer freeride, freestyle and even surfing. With better response in all areas and conditions you will enjoy higher jumps, more time in the air and better drift.

  • Better for jumping high and with more hang time. With a kite that’s half the weight and has a stronger hull, you have a jumping machine. You can also generate thrust both on take-off and when taking off from the water… Something that was unheard of in kite performance until now.

  • Better wind range. Since the kite has 3 struts and at the same time is as light as some kites without struts, the same kite will achieve much better performance and stability in strong winds as well as in extremely light winds.

  • Much better for learning. You will find that your level improves immediately with a Series A kite. The kite is easier to control during all manoeuvres, because due to its lighter weight, the ALUULA kite is stable in any situation.


The lesson shall be conducted in a base wind of at least 12 knots to gusts of a maximum of 30 knots. The wind direction is different for each place, but the basic rule is that you have to have it.

Swimsuit and towel, sunscreen and sunglasses, water and energy bar. We take care of the rest! Neoprene, Lycra, helmet and vest are included in the price.

One day before the lesson starts you will receive a text message and an email stating whether or not the lesson will take place. We make this decision based on wind speed, gusts, direction and safety.

At our kitesurf school you can book lessons 7 days a week. Lessons start at 08:00, until 18:00. The kitesurfing season runs from mid-April to the end of October.

Ideal weather conditions for kitesurfing

Good to know that for your lesson always depends on the weather conditions! We confirm one day in advance whether the lesson can take place or not. Generally lessons are held in wind speeds of 12 to 30 knots, but we assess this every day. Rain, waves and possible thunderstorms also influence the decision! If you want to check in advance if your lesson can take place, you can use our wind strength forecast! Assuming that your course will run on your chosen date is possible, but always bear in mind that due to weather and wind it may cancel. Unfortunately, it’s not every day that there is wind in Greece. So sometimes you may need to reschedule your lesson through your account.


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2 hours lesson 180€


2 hours lesson for 1 person 140€


2 hours lesson 180€


3 hours lesson 270€


3 hours lesson 270€