Do you find it exciting to join our team this summer? We are looking for experienced kitesurfers who love to teach others how to kitesurf. If you are already a certified instructor, you can start working with us right away. If you don’t have a certificate, you can also get started through our in-house training program!

Also, if you don’t have much kite surfing experience, you can contact us to teach you how to kite or if you can already kite at a level that is not high enough to be an instructor, we can teach you what you need to become a high level instructor.

We offer full time work as well as part time, it’s up to you how you see fit, a place to sleep, a secure salary each month if there is no wind and use of our equipment to ride.

Contact us for full terms and conditions.


Do you also find it exciting to give kitesurfing lessons and share the joy of it with others? Then we are looking for you! Who wouldn’t want a fun beach job with a good income? Anyone can apply to become a kitesurf instructor. If you already know how to kitesurf, we can quickly train you to become a kitesurf instructor. Do you already have IKO or VDWS certification? Even better! You can get started right away!


We are looking for experienced kitesurfers who love to teach others how to kitesurf. Certified instructors can start working with us right away. If you are not certified, you can also start working through our in-house training program 🤙!

Full-time instructors

A minimum of 32 hours on a tutoring schedule. As a full-time instructor, you will have the advantage of being scheduled first for scheduled kitesurf lessons over part-time instructors. This, of course, means you earn more as you work more hours.

Instructors who have clients and want to teach them with us

If you have clients or you organize camps or you just really like our place to give lessons, when you contact us we can arrange to bring your students to us and you can teach them on our terms.

Flexible workers

As such, we envision an instructor who wants to work a little, but qualitatively on the busiest days when our instructors struggle. You can contact us about this option and further understand what your wishes are.

Pros and cons

We gather at the venue 15 minutes before the lesson starts. During the busy months, the times we start lessons are at 09:00 in the morning. After meeting the students, you distribute the equipment together with your colleagues. Teach in accordance with the lesson and the level of the students. Safety always comes first, followed closely by a beneficial lesson!

Interested? Contact us as soon as possible!

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Or stop by our school on Limnos.