Getting acquainted with the kite

Want to try kitesurfing to see if it’s right for you, rather than immediately booking a multi-day kitesurfing course? Then you can take part in our introductory lesson. During this lesson you will learn the theory of how the kite and bar work. You will understand all the theory from our experienced kite teachers and find out if you want to continue with the lessons.

Free theory

  • Find out if this is your sport!
  • Learn the whole theory!
  • Take an entire course whenever you like


I don’t have enough strength and stamina for this sport.

This is what we hear most often. What most people don’t know is that the force your kite pulls with is held by your HARNES – meaning no power is required. In addition, technique plays a big role in kitesurfing, which you will learn step by step in your kitesurfing lessons. If you compare it to windsurfing or surfing, kitesurfing is the easiest and fastest sport to learn and requires the least strength compared to the others.

I’m not very athletic, it will be hard for me to learn it

In the beginning kitesurfing is mainly about coordination and not about your fitness level. You will know this as soon as you start taking kitesurfing lessons. We agree that this is a full body workout and you will be exhausted after the first few classes. But your body adapts quickly to new challenges and after a few sessions you will have all the muscles needed for the task.

I’m too weak/heavy for kitesurfing…

Kitesurfing is based on simple physics. If you are very light, you will just use a small kite. If you’re a bit heavier, you’ll just use a bigger kite and maybe, depending on your level and the conditions of the place, bigger boards will be needed to give you more buoyancy. Need more inspiration? Join us for lessons!

It’s too dangerous for me!

Safety systems have improved significantly in recent years. Yes, I agree that the first ones who tried to drive in 2004 were completely insane! The first systems were very dangerous. But nowadays kite gear has a very high safety standard. If you learn to kitesurf properly, you will know all the safety systems on your kite and how to behave in risky situations. We will teach you all the systems and tell you when and how to use them.

A 3-day course just to learn it???

Most kite lessons take a minimum of 3 days (if you have good wind and individual lessons), which can seem quite long at first. Some people think that on the first day they only have to practice kite control on the beach without being able to get in the water,but with us we get in the water to practice on the first day because that is where it is safest.Learning to control the kite is the foundation for everything that will follow. Kitesurfing lessons are structured very clearly and at the beginning each step is a little challenging. This is exactly why we follow methodical learning steps and so learn in the fastest and safest way!

I’m too old for this extreme sport!

We have been teaching kitesurfing for over 5 years and have amazing students of all ages. Wherever we travel, I see kitesurfers from about 5 to 80 years old. When we were at Turks and Caix, Caribbean, there was a guy who was almost 80 and he was and walked on the sand pretty slowly and fixed his gear pretty slowly, but when he got in the water to ride, he rode much better than quite a few people we’ve seen. You are never too old.

Why come to a free Secret Kite theory?

  • You will find out if this is the sport you want to learn.

  • You will meet different people with whom you can discuss your observations about the sport.

  • You will see how the other live lessons are conducted.

  • Even if kitesurfing is not for you, you will learn something useful and interesting.

  • If you come on a windless day you will diversify your day.

  • You may decide that this is the sport for you and make it a lifelong hobby like many others.

  • Nothing is required of you except to come and see.

  • We are going to slow down.


The lesson shall be conducted in a base wind of at least 12 knots to gusts of a maximum of 30 knots. The wind direction is different for each place, but the basic rule is that you have to have it.

Swimsuit and towel, sunscreen and sunglasses, water and energy bar. We take care of the rest! Neoprene, Lycra, helmet and vest are included in the price.

One day before the lesson starts you will receive a text message and an email stating whether or not the lesson will take place. We make this decision based on wind speed, gusts, direction and safety.

At our kitesurf school you can book lessons 7 days a week. Lessons start at 08:00, until 18:00. The kitesurfing season runs from mid-April to the end of October.


Good to know that for your lesson always depends on the weather conditions! We confirm one day in advance whether the lesson can take place or not. Generally lessons are held in wind speeds of 12 to 30 knots, but we assess this every day. Rain, waves and possible thunderstorms also influence the decision! If you want to check in advance if your lesson can take place, you can use our wind strength forecast! Assuming that your course will run on your chosen date is possible, but always bear in mind that due to weather and wind it may cancel. Unfortunately, it’s not every day that there is wind in Greece. So sometimes you may need to reschedule your lesson through your account.


Your dream sport. For yourself, family or with friends! Choose your course.


2 hours lesson 180€


2 hours lesson for 1 person 140€


2 hours lesson 240€


2 hours lesson 180€


3 hours lesson 270€


3 hours lesson 270€