E-foil Takuma Carver 2 with Big Battery

E-foil Takuma Carver 2 with Big Battery


The emphasis on carving and tight turns makes it an ideal choice for more experienced riders looking to take their racing to the next level. The glide experience and similarity to prone/wing board foiling also make it a great choice for those looking to improve their foiling skills in general. Flexibility and acceleration are also great features that will give riders great control over the ride.


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The latest generation of Takuma eFoils technology.
State-of-the-art carbon construction on board for the ultimate effoil experience. Takuma Carbon is the best board for every experience level and riding style.
Its balanced size and volume distribution combined with its aerodynamic shape provide the stability and control to support all types of foils in all conditions. The extra maneuverability makes it the ideal efoil board not only on flat water, but also on bumps, bumps and waves. The narrow loop limits takeoff drag and allows for much deeper caravans.
Carbon eFoil is our most efficient eFoil as it consumes little energy, allowing for longer rides. The pre-pressed carbon construction provides superior strength and lightness, and when combined with the Takuma Lite battery, provides a smooth and fun ride.
Jet Propulsion 65 Full Kit:Jet propulsion is the ideal solution for preventing all types of injuries as all moving parts are safely enclosed in a tube. With thinner and lighter components, the jet design eliminates drag and provides extremely smooth hydrodynamic operation while being completely safe to operate.
The jet comes with a set of Kujira Helium 1750 and E-Mast 65 wings. Propeller Drive 65 Full Kit: Propeller delivers instant power and adrenaline to your sessions. The extra boost of speed makes take-off easier and combined with the redesigned and more streamlined propeller improves your flotation is

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