Ocean Rodeo Crave A series

Ocean Rodeo Crave A series



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The most versatile kite in the Ocean Rodeo range is now created with the ALUULA glider, taking it to the next level! This is the lightest, highest performing Freeride & Wave kite on the market.


Exceptional in the waves, the Crave is our high-performance all-purpose kite. Breaking surf or not, Crave has the qualities to take your riding to the next level. Fast and agile, the three-string design is easy to use by all levels. Advanced riders will push the limits of their abilities and perform like a pro, while the stable air frame and easy recovery in the water make it an ideal first kite for new riders going through the learning phase.


Crave brought multiple podiums to the GKA Wave Tour in 2022, with Reece Myerscough finishing the year in 5th overall. The Crave was also the kite of choice for Giel Vlugt when conditions got stormy during the Cold Hawaii Big Air competition in 2021. Giel proved that the 6-foot Crave could be massive by putting on a spectacular show and making the final four.

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