Ocean Rodeo Flite A series

Ocean Rodeo Flite A series



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The Big Air legend that redefined the genre

Developed as a result of our partnership with ALUULA Composites, the high-profile, 5-string Rise set a new standard in acceleration, precision control, Big Air torque and stratospheric performance.

The combination of Rise’s highly tuned airfoil design and the benefits of ALUULA ultralight composite material provides an extremely stable glider, allowing maximum rider confidence and creating a real synergy between Big Air riders and their kite.

Created using the 82 gsm ALUULA Gold composite material and ALUULA Seam technology, Rise’s power-to-weight ratio is next-level, with more than twice the strength of traditional air frames made from Dacron, but half the weight. The platform can also withstand higher pressures than the industry standard, providing highly tuned and optimized operation even under the most extreme conditions.

WARNING: Available power and vertical push will exceed what many experienced climbers are familiar with. During your initial ascent sessions, please ease into your first jumps, especially in strong winds, to help you adapt to this new level of performance.

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